While delivering our bridges up and down the California coast line, we see so many beautiful places. Recently we delivered a composite bridge to Rodondo Beach California. It was ordered for a condominium complex over looking the ocean. The Composite bridge ordered was a 12 foot pedestrian bridge with 4 posts and 2 rails. The added touch of lights was the icing on the cake.

Composite material for your bridge lasts 30+ years. The main reason people purchase composite is that it is low maintenance. There is no wood to seal and the uniqueness of the composite material adds a certain beauty to its surroundings.

The customers at the Home association at the condominium were pleasant and very happy with the garden bridge. One of the things not noted prior to delivery was that the garden bridge would be placed on the top of a mountainous area and not on flat ground. This unexpected surprise was settled by taking the bridge completely apart and walking it up the stairs to the top of the hill.

Redwood garden bridges does not install bridges so it was challenging at best for the association customers and their handymen to reassemble this bridge. The final product looked so good in its place that we will be returning to this very nice town to deliver yet another composite bridge. They have chose another larger and wider Composite bridge to go by a swimming pool entry.

We love when our customers order more then one garden bridge. We will enjoy the trip and the beautiful Redondo beach and the nice customers we will see again. Here at Redwood Garden Bridges we love what we do.


Spring is in the air! Redwood garden bridges is seeing more hits on our website! When the snow melts in the east and the flowers bloom in the west it is a busy season for garden bridge orders. Something about gardens and ponds coming to life breathes fresh air into our desire for working to create a beautiful garden. In March here in California it is spring cleaning time. We not only clean our houses inside but look forward in our yards, ponds and gardens outside.

Business picks up from a fast pace to a extreme quick pace here at Redwood garden bridges. We get more orders between March and October then any time of year. Having our own Koi ponds and gardens near our shop, we strive to prepare for the busy time. Most all of our pictures for our bridges are taken right outside of our shop in our beautiful koi ponds and gardens at Redwood garden bridges as well as our customers sending us those quality pictures of their new bridge in place.We love the momentum of this time of year.

Looking through our website there are literally 100's of bridges to choose from. We have bridges for everyone small, medium or large. We have an enormous amount of designs to choose from. All of our designs were exclusively designed by the builder and designer at our business. Joe Guraro owner of Redwood Garden bridges for the last 20 plus years has built a legacy for his two sons that will carry on the business.

When ordering a bridge take into consideration your long term goals for your garden. Our garden bridges can last up to 30 years. Redwood is durable and termites and other bugs don't like it. Sealing your bridge once a year or so can keep it healthy and looking it's best.

Contact Joe Guraro at redwood garden Bridges for any design questions you may have. Sending us pictures of your garden can help us determine how to help you with your measurements or upgrades to your bridge. It is endless what Joe can design for you. Contact Joe at 559-325-2597 for more info.

Redwood garden bridges would love to deliver you a garden bridge if you are in California, Nevada or Oregon. We enjoy taking our beautiful finished and assembled bridges to our customers. One of the perks of our deliveries in meeting our wonderful customers and getting to see where the bridge will be placed. Some of the areas we have delivered have not been easy to find. We have had a comedy of errors when going in the backwoods or traveling up mountains and one bridge we specifically remember was in the middle of the desert. These are some of our best memories.

There are so many landscapes that would be fitting of a garden bridge. Some are very unique and interesting. We have customers that have minature train sets that are designed to go around thier yard and over thier ponds. The bridge is a great added feature and the train track can go right over the bridge. We have Customers that have two different properties where they need a way to cross over from one to another. One such customer built a fun playground for the grandkids and the kids love the bridge to cross over to it. If you can use your imagination, you can have a garden bridge just about anywhere.

Our travels take us to beautiful places that we have never been. Just when we think we have seen it all there pops up another order from an unknown place and we are eager to deliver. Redwood Garden Bridges is always on time and you never have to worry about excuses or delays. We pride our business in getting you your bridge when you need it. Under promise and over pay is our goal.

The weather is beautiful now and summer will be here soon. Don't delay ordering your bridge and contact us with any questions you may have. We Love the busy season which is now.

Redwood Garden Bridges delivers all over California, Nevada, Washington and Oregon. On our latest trip to Washington, we ran into some of the nicest customers. We delivered three bridges to three different locations. The first Garden Bridge was a 20 foot Japanese bridge. This went to a beautiful home in Olympia. This home had a Koi pond the size of a swimming pool. The customer decided that a bridge would enhance the look of his pond, it would be useful and the fish could hide underneath it as Koi like to do. The Japanese Garden Bridge fit this theme so nice that he was going to have a party so that he could introduce it to family and friends. It’s nice to be proud of your landscape design such as this customer was.

Our second delivery to Washington was a very small town near Tacoma. This was a very different setting. The Garden Bridge was to go over a little water way that ran down the middle of a golf course. It was an 8 foot double rail with tall post bridge. The golf course community wanted to be able to walk across this waterway and do it in style. We got so many compliments on this Garden Bridge and was even treated to a wonderful lunch. Golf courses are often ordering bridges from Redwood Garden Bridges. The community likes the beauty as well as it being function able.

Our third delivery was to the beautiful Capitol. Seattle is a very windy city at this time of the year. I like the weather compared to our Redwood Garden Bridges location in the Central Valley. This Garden Bridge was a 10 foot Spindle bridge. The spindles are an excellent choice if you have small children or heavy foot traffic. Our spindle bridges can be half spindle or the whole bridge can be spindle. Check out our website at www.redwoodgardenbridges.com to see all the beautiful spindle bridges we have built.

This bridge was to go over a children’s playground. It was for school age children and was safe and sound for them to run and play over it. The playground was for a private small school and went over a dry creek. There are so many reasons to buy a Garden Bridge. We hope you will visit us on our website and find a Garden Bridge that suits your needs .