Bridge Accessories 35. Garden Bridge Accessories

Weather Treatments and Solar Power Light Caps Add Beauty to your Garden Bridge

Natural Weathering: Because of the inherent nature of our 100% California Redwood to withstand the outdoor elements such as decay and rot, your Redwood Bridge really does not need to be finished. Many folks prefer to allow their Redwood Bridge to "age naturally" outdoors without any finish at all. Over time the color will weather to a handsome silver-gray highlighted by darker streaks, and the grain of the wood will become slightly raised.

Solar Power Light Caps

Light up your bridge day and night with our Solar Post Caps. By day, these post caps add a charming touch to your bridge, porch, fence, or any outdoor area. By night, they enhance your bridge with lovely accent lighting—without the hassles of wiring or electricity!

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Bridge Accessories 35.

Garden Bridge Accessories