We are a Company at Redwood Garden bridges that love to travel and Deliver our bridges. We travel along the California Coast and in Mountainous areas often. More recently, we delivered 3 bridges south of us and had to drive through the Tehachapi mountains. This California area is one that often storms and snows in where we are not able to get through to deliver our garden bridges. It is a main artery from Bakersfield California to Las Vegas and other very heavily traveled tourist locations.

This particular trip we were expecting delays due to the California Tehachapi's being closed to traffic. The news forecast had said previously it had opened but not after a shutdown the day prior. With three Garden bridges to deliver we had no choice but to make it there safe for our customers.

To our surprise this particular California day was beautiful! We could not believe that there was no sign of snow or that the California city had been shut down to traffic the day before. We had a beautiful trip. We were able to successfully deliver our Garden bridges to our happy customers.

My Very Own Bridge! The Husbeast and I said we needed a bridge in our garden as soon as the dry creek bed was decided on. Some part of me honestly thought it was kind of a joke. Bridges in gardens were for insanely wealthy people, not us. Then I thought we probably wouldn't like all the upkeep. So I decided to google bridges of course because sometimes it's fun to look up things and daydream about getting them. That was when we realized that a little extra belt cinching and saving would actually allow it to happen. I also realized we could get a bridge made from composite. It is more expensive upfront but pretty much no maintenance. Holy cow were we going to get a little bridge?! I started looking into people who made them and I found Joe at Redwood Garden Bridges. https://www.redwoodgardenbridges.com/ We picked out the style and size we wanted and he made it in a very reasonable amount of time. Then he takes it apart and ships it out. So I got to have the extra fun of building my own bridge and getting over it! LOL Seriously recommend his business if you think you might like to do something like this. He had everything packed well and clearly marked so assembly was super fun. He even got back to me promptly when I asked for help because I got stuck on the railings at one point. So here it is in all its glory!