Recently Redwood Garden Bridges traveled to Beautiful Redondo Beach to deliver a 12 foot composite bridge. Usually we have experienced more Redwood orders but for those who want a no maintenance bridge, the composite or Trek material will look the same for years without having to re-seal or maintain it. Composite material is a product composed of mainly wood fibers and recycled plastic. The result is a dense, heavy and weather resistant and stain resistant deck board that won't splinter, warp, rot or split. Composite material has a longer life expectancy because of these factors. Your composite bridge could easily last 25 to 30 years. The down side to this material is the cost. Composite material is more expensive then Redwood. It can sometimes be double the price of your bridge.

Redwood with all it's beauty requires a small amount of maintenance. It should be sealed at least once a year with a sealer like Thompsons Water Seal. This keeps the wood conditioned so it does not show it's ageing process more rapidly. Also, as with furniture over time, redwood has a natural beauty even as it ages. There are also many choices when you select Redwood. Redwood can be stained any color available to match your decking or furniture.

When deciding on what product to choose, all of your applications must be considered. Redwood Garden Bridges is there for you 24/7 to answer all your questions. It helps the experienced bridge builder and designer to look at pictures of where your bridge will be placed in order to help you establish what your needs are. There are many options once you decide on the type of product you are considering. Many designs are available as well as sizes, number of posts, lighting and of course stain or no stain.

Redwood Garden Bridges can deliver your bridge fully assembled up and down the coast of California, Nevada and in some cases Oregon. If you are not in these states, your bridge will be shipped directly to you. We hope that this has shed some light on composite vs. Redwood. It is a hard choice to make because both are beautiful products to be enjoyed for years to come.


Redwood Garden bridges are used in many applications. One common application is a bridge for your entry way. When used aas a entry way bridge it is always best to pick a more exclusive design. It can become a conversation piece and the neighbors love it also. It adds beauty to the front of your home as well as an entry way for guests and family to enter your home in class. Usually we build the bridges at a wider width and add all the bells and whistles like for instance, more posts and solar lights, to light your home up at night. It can also be a security feature to light up your entry.

Another application can be a bridge over your swimming pool. This is very popular. Kids love to hide and swim underneath. This adds a finishing touch to your pool and yard. The view is beautiful sitting on your patio and looking at your bridge. It completes the backyard and gives so much pleasure to guests that visit

, Wedding bridges are also a big seller. When a couple gets married they like to utilize this bridge as a crossing from one life alone to their new life together. It symbolizes the transition as the bride walks over and meets her groom. They then can hold hands and walk together over the bridge signifying their union. Wedding bridges can be designed simple or extravagant, such as adding metal sidings and painting the bridge white. Also adding big bows or ribbon along the bridge. There are many bridges to choose from.

Bridges are not just used for ponds and water features. Remember when adding a beautiful touch to your yard or garden. Visit our website and see just how many different uses your bridge will have.

Redwood Garden Bridges started building bridges in 1996. Joe Guraro builder and designer created a beautiful bridge to go over his own personal Koi pond. Kathy Guraro his wife thought the bridge was so lovely and unique she told him to start selling them. Joe was a production Supervisor for a major company at the time. He decided to give it a try and placed the bridge on Ebay. Within hours the bridge had sold. He decided to build another and then another and 20 years later he has a company recognized all over the USA and abroad. He of course quit his day job and exclusively started building and designing bridges.

Redwood Garden bridges today is much different then back then. So many wonderful new changes have been made. Designs are even created through his customers that have seen another bridge somewhere or designed one themselves in their head. Joe works to create a new masterpiece and one that other customers can enjoy. Some of the difference in the company is the many options one has when deciding which bridge to order. It can take some time with so many options to choose from. From the material to the final touches such as the lights or finales can make it a lot of fun.

Another change is that Joe's two sons work side by side with him. It is a family business and a legacy that Joe will hand down to them. As they say "it's a family affair" holds true with this family and this company.

Koi are beautiful fish. They can add a wonderful touch to a garden, yard or business. Koi seem to have a calming effect and can be good for stress. They are very hardy fish and as some people are not aware, can be pets. The one thing that is detrimental when having Koi is giving them a safe haven away from predators. Redwood Garden Bridges knows this because it has built many bridges for this reason. Not only is a bridge a beautiful addition to any pond or waterway, it also allows the Koi in your pond to hide if necessary. Bottom line is Koi love bridges.

When building a bridge for your pond, take into consideration that it is absolutely safe. There is nothing with the redwood that wood leak into your pond or hurt your fish. With it's natural defenses redwood will not allow infestations of termites, etc. Over time the bridge will age beautifully. It is the perfect wood for this application.

Koi add to the beauty of any pond and your Redwood Bridge is the icing on the cake. Some customers comment on sitting on their bridge and dangling there feet over the pond to watch and feed their fish. Young children also enjoy having a bridge to look over at the fish and feed them.

Bridges serve many useful purposes. Koi ponds are one of the best ways to enjoy your fish while the fish enjoy the bridge. Consider a Redwood Garden Bridge while planning your Koi pond. Your Koi will love you for it.